Founder / Lead Designer


At the end of 2013 I became incredibly inspired by surf brands like Hurley, RVCA, Billabong, and many of the other companies that are commonly seen around southern California. Being a designer and an entrepreneur myself, I wanted to wear clothes that truly meant something to me, which lead to the creation of Angourie Clothing. I originally was inspired by the simplicity of surf wear, but as I have aged and my interests have changed slightly, I have become more interested in travel and exploring the world. Angourie is definitely something I wish to pursue in the future, but for now is something that I leave on the side to be worked on whenever I have time or need some inspiration to get out and enjoy the beautiful world around me. 


So far I have been able to get four different shirts and one hat fully produced! 


What's an adventure brand without exploring in the gear? One of the best feelings of creating the brand was getting out with friends and having fun. Also, wearing the clothing outside of a studio gave me the opportunity to learn about product photography as well.


Some screenshots from, designed to be extremely simple and easy to navigate.


Angourie was my doorway into design and continues to be my playground for experimenting with graphics and logo work.