First Backpack

Soft Goods

Industrial Design


One of my interests alongside working on Angourie has been learning the process behind creating a bag. I've practiced designing patterns, learning about materials, and finally sewing a finished product. Understanding the process behind products that we seem to take for granted each and everyday has been an eye opening experience and will help me to better design products in the future.


This was the second backpack that I ever fully completed. It was designed to be simple with one front pocket and a large main compartment. I personally use a roll-top backpack so I chose to incorporate that aspect into this bag with a large clip to secure the bag's content. There are also a multitude of straps to help tighten the pack in situations when the bag is unusually full.


One of the most important parts of the construction of the bag is the ideation process and having a representation of how the final product turn out. Seeing the bag helps for understanding what order pieces need to be sewed together in.