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Rezvani Motors is a startup supercar company that currently has one vehicle in production, the Rezvani BEAST. I acted as an Industrial Designer for the inside of the BEAST's cabin. I created designs for the seats to give the driver the exhilarating feeling of driving a race car while still supporting the driver's body in the most comfortable and functional manner possible. I also worked on some graphic elements for the company's first vehicle including the emblem for the steering wheel and logo possibilities for the car.


Shown are examples of the upholstery work on the inside of the BEAST's cabin. Each vehicle has details that vary from one another that make owning the car, and the experience of driving it unique for every owner. 


I began by first evaluating the basic shape and space I would have to work with inside the cabin. One of the biggest challenges I dealt with when helping to design the seats was the fact that the BEAST does not have any doors. This meant that every time the driver gets into the car, they would be stepping onto the seats, which in turn asks for the cushions to be placed in certain areas for usability purposes.

car seat before.jpg

In order to create concepts for padding on the vehicle's two seats I needed to start by understanding where the user would need different levels of support on their body. While a traditional car has seats completely covered in fabric, I learned that there can be comfort in leaving some of the carbon fiber structure exposed and adding padding only where it completely necessary.


After understanding what was necessary from a user's perspective, I was able to experiment with padding configurations and trim detailing that would each provide unique aesthetic looks for the inside of the cabin. Through countless iterations and using numerous existing supercar interiors as inspiration, the small team at Rezvani Motors and I came to final decisions on the trim work and upholstery options within the vehicle.


On Rezvani Motor's website under "Press" my name was mentioned in the press release when their first vehicle was released!


I also had a chance to work on different options for fabric options on the BEAST's steering wheel. I was inspired by the fact that normally people don't use exclusively one grip when they drive. Some of the examples are designed to include more dynamic gripping positions complimented by larger leather portions for a more relaxed grip positioned in different areas on the wheel.


Along with designing the trim options for the cabin I spent some time thinking about detail work on the steering wheel as well as logo options for emblems around the vehicle. The BEAST logo is placed in multiple locations inside and outside of the vehicle.


It was an incredible experience being around the BEAST knowing it was the first of its kind.