Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Geofilter

Graphic Design


In 2014 with Snapchat's increasing rise in popularity and interest in including a Geofilter wherever you are, I decided to create my own for UCLA's campus. In designing a Geofilter for a school that I do not go to, I had to ask friends what a defining aspect of their campus was. Royce Hall was a perfect iconic building on campus so I decided to create a graphic translation of the building for my filter. I took into account the "almost" symmetrical two towers and UCLA's school colors.

Royce Hall Geofilter that I created for UCLA's campus.


Examples of the Royce Hall Geofilter in use around UCLA's campus.


View when creating the Geofilter in Illustrator.


After designing the Geofilter in Illustrator, Snapchat asks you to create a PNG file to submit to their website. Next, I dragged out an extended area on campus where I wanted students and visitors to be able to use the Geofilter. I didn't know exactly what Snapchat would do if I made the area too large so I made sure not to include too much of the surrounding Westwood area.

Sure enough, after about 4 weeks of waiting I received an email that my Geofilter was live on campus!