The Family Next Door

The Family Next Door

 Graphic / ui & ux DESIGN


In 2014 I had the opportunity to meet a local Pittsburgh entrepreneur and creative mind, Barry Reese. Previously, Barry was a producer for the film "The Last Gladiators" and together with my classmate Steven Ji, we were asked to create a poster for his newest documentary "The Family Next Door." The film deals with a family where two of the children have Austism. As a way to help share their story and raise awareness, Barry spent over a year with the family to help craft a visually stunning and eye opening piece that dealt with both the disease itself and the adversity the family must overcome.

Poster for the “The Family Next Door” documentary premier. The final poster showcased the documentary as a story of a family with daily struggles as opposed to a story about a disease.


After the debut of the documentary aired in Pittsburgh, Steven and I got to work on creating wireframes for The Family Next Door's website so that Barry could help spread awareness of both Autism and Lund Family's story. Our goal was to build a simple interface that shared a friendly feel similar to that of the documentary. We focused on organizing the website into a limited amount of sections that aimed to help educate visitors on Autism, how to share the Lund Family's story in schools, and recent news on the film.

We designed the interface to be navigated by simply scrolling down the entire webpage. Steven and I looked through countless movie websites for inspiration and guidance on how to organize the different sections of the website in an order that would be most useful. If users do visit the site in search a specific topic though, the side bar on the left side of the webpage allows for easy access to any of the sections.

We used this organization sheet to help Barry understand our thought process on user navigation for his website.