Waddle X

Waddle Exploration

UI & UX Design


Beginning in 2014, my roommate Steven Ji and I took the idea of creating a community around photography inspired adventures and built wireframes for a website. Our goal was to design a platform that would pull together resources making it easier for explorers to turn these dream trips into reality. Together we called the social media platform Waddle Exploration and through the process of building it learned more than we could have imagined about social media user interface, travel, and entrepreneurship as well.

1.3-Waddle Sign Up-Facebook Activated.jpg

Here is an example of the opening page that users would see when they first visit the website before logging into their own account.


One of the goals Steven and I had in mind when building Waddle was to create something that users haven't necessarily seen before. We worked hard evaluate every social media that we could think of to get ideas and to see how other successful designers built the interfaces that we use daily. What we could change we did, what we believed to be second nature to social media users we kept familiar.


One of the most powerful tools for creating the levels that make up Waddle was the whiteboard! We spent countless hours thinking and rethinking the flow of the site as well as hashing out ideas for things that we could incorporate.


Some examples of different pages that users would see when on Waddle including location searching, viewing images, ordering products, and trip planning.